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Ok ok ... i have the itch to buy another bike ( despite my wife's raised eyebrows ) ... its a sickness i know ... LOL Seriously i am having a hard time figuring out what to buy ? I have been combing Ebay for that bike that screams " Buy Me " . I am lookin at perhaps a De Rosa Merak , Colnago C40 , and my LBS has a beauty Cramerotti Fiamme 2005 still hanging around thats stunning .... but a bit more money than what i would like to pay ?

I guess the issues that i am having is that i havent been able to ride any of these ... i dont want to spend the extra to go to full carbon .... so carbon stays and forks im ok with and i want at least Centaur or Veloce ..... and im not sure about wheels yet ?
If you guys here can shed any light here it would be of great help . I want a bike i can log a few hours on without my liver feeling like it was in a blender :) I am not looking to compete or race so its more for just hitting the road and riding with some pals .
Any input would be great !!!
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