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ronniedee said:
I have contemplated selling my bike and had send me the trade-in value. Does anybody have an idea of what the street-value that may correspond to?

My guess is that they must have some idea of the street-value of the bike in order to make an offer.
I recently did a trade-in through ABG's program, and was extremely satisfied. I worked mine through River City Bicycles, and had a great experience. Maybe you should focus on the net difference it will cost you to get the new bike that you want to see if it's worth it.

In my case, I came out of pocket about $1K for my new, perfectly fit titanium bike with '04 Campy Chorus Carbon gruppo in exchange for my three year old ride. With today's Campy prices and the soft (read:headache) re-sale market, I'm happy with my deal.
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