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Hey guys, its been a while! I'm not even sure how many people are still around from the day's when this board helped be select my bike.

With a bit of a heavy heart, I've decided to sell the De Bernardi. Its been decorating the wall of my garage for 5 years now as I've built my career. In truth, the only value it holds to me is nostalgic and sentimental. I always like the idea of that bike more than I liked riding it.

I did a quick fit at a local shop, just to decide if I could tweak it to the fit I ultimately wanted, and the answer was no. One of the guys at the shop has offered me $400, which sounds like a very low ball offer.

It was initially $1350. The paint job on the frame has taken a beating, but the components are all in excellent condition and are clean. Might just need some new tape on the bars. How would you price this bike?

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