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Can someone help me with this please? I got sized up for a Synapse frame on discount in size 53cm only to find it was sold out. I was wondering how different of a ride the Principia would be in the same size? To my eye they both look quite similar.

Cannondale Synapse geometry:

-Seat tube angle: 74
-Head tube angle: 72.5
-Horizontal top tube length: 545
-Wheelbase: 987
-Head tube length: 140
-Measured size (seat tube): 50

Principia Revolution geometry:

-Seat tube angle:74
-Head tube angle: 73
-horizontal top tube length: 542
-Wheelbase: 975
-Head tube length: 113
-Measured size (seat tube): 51

Any insight into how they would both ride in comparison would help a lot. The Principia has an alloy frame and carbon fork. I know the full carbon synapse would probably be a lot more comfortable of a ride right?

Thanks! :thumbsup:
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