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They are not a big deal, I guess. I ride through them when they occur, but kinda takes out the fun.

I rode today, after skipping yesterday. I did a 20+ mile loop. I had hills. I also had a 10 mph headwind. When there was not a head wind it was a crosswind. Only for about 5 miles did I at least imagine I had a tailwind. It was a nice cool afternoon. One of my buddies bought lunch today, and we had wings. Not the best fuel, I suppose. At about mile 15 I got hit with a major sideache on my right side. I was not killing myself. At my ride's end my computer said a flat 17.0 mph avg.

Any hints on how to avoid the sideaches? I get them occasionally, but not on every ride. This one was not too bad, I just rode on. The worst are the doubles. biggie, maybe you just deal with it, and move on.....?
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