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I recently bought a De Rosa Protos and put a 2015 Campagnolo EPS Super Record Group set on it. I have had major problems with front derailleur upshifts and chain drops. The rear derailleur works perfectly.

Campagnolo USA says Campy EPS SR or Campy mechanical SR will not work on the Protos Frame. Campy says De Rosa did not design the Protos to Campy specs. Has anyone else heard this?

I find it surprising, given that De Rosa in Europe equips the frame with EPS SR and mechanical SR and one pro team on the Protos rides EPS SR while another pro team rides mechanical SR. De Rosa's US distributor says the frame is in spec.

If what Campy is saying is correct, both Campy and De Rosa should warn consumers that the Protos is not Campy compatible.

I would appreciate your thoughts.
Not designed to Campy specs?? WTF does that mean? It's a press fit 30 bb with a seat tube in the middle, I can name 20 other bikes with those same specs, so are they out of spec, too?
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