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When I started looking for a Colnago frame on ebay a couple of years ago, there were so many scams for Colnagos that it was ridiculous. I made a point of reporting every single one I came across that looked suspicious, and most of them got pulled. A lot of them had an e-mail listed in them to contact the seller directly. I have seen them in the Colnago listing for over a year now. Good riddance. We need to report these things to ebay whenever we come across them so that we can make the scammers' lives as miserable as possible.

Same goes for all the scammers sending out e-mails about you winning the lottery or them wanting to deposit millions of dollars in your savings account for you to hold for them. Can you imagine if we all sent them a very lengthy repsonse and toyed with them instead of just deleting their e-mails. I bet that would frustrate the hell out of them. Imagine receiving 100's and 100's of responses, thinking that you might have hit the jackpot, only to find that you don't get anything from all those responses. Imagine having to read that many responses every day and end up with nothing.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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