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My KHS Flite 300 came with ProMax brake calipers. I quickly switched out the brake SHOES to Tektro (front) and Ultegra (rear). Both sides definitely stop better than what came with the bike, and I have a set of Jagwire (BS - British Standard) pads waiting to replace the Tektro pads that came with the shoes. Although the Ultergra stops (now I can actually skid) better I just recently got done test riding a Trek Madone 5.2 that had Ultergra calpiers. Huge difference in braking compared to what I have now. Even comparing just the rear braking performance it's a huge difference so I know that replacing the pads on the front (if the Jags BS pad is actually better than what is spec'd as the Tektro's stock pad) won't get me to the same level of braking performance. Although I will have to mess around with cable length a little to see if this helps, my feeling is that it won't help much. I also get the feeling that the ProMax's are really crappy even compared to the Tektro's. Lot's of people seem to say that switching the pads in the Tektro's to Kool Stops, etc, brings these brakes calipers up to "Shimano" quality.

So has anyone swapped out or had experience with the ProMax's? Are the calipers, in this case, worth upgrading even if only to Tektro's? I'm running Sora FlightDeck STI shifters/brake levers
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