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CC09 said:
searched, couldn't find a definative proper shifting guide

I understand big front, little back, and vice versa is bad.

But what is proper shifting exactly? I know it varies based on what setup you are running, i have a double with a 10. So where should I be shifting from big to little, and vice versa?
Actually, it's big-big and small-small that's bad. In these combinatiopns the angle of the chain (cross-chaining) is too large. You won't crash or have the cross chain police get you, but it does cause more wear and get noisy.

As far as when to shift the front: If you get to the next-to-the big-big and small-small and need more gears in that direction, then shift. You will also learn to anticipate and be in either the large or small chain ring depending on the terain ahead. Occasionally, on a very long, flat section you may find that you would rather be in a gear half way between the two options you have with whatever ring you are in. In this case, try the other ring and see if a better option is available.

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