Pub 36 tubeless wheels review

Pub Wheels 36 tubeless road hoops meld affordability and performance.​

What is it

Pub Wheels are the latest offering from The House (also known for Framed Bikes). They are offering tubeless carbon road and mountain bike wheels. And they offer both high-end and budget-friendly options for all manner of racers and riders. Tested here is their 36mm deep tubeless ready carbon road wheelset with DT Swiss 240 hubs. Weight for the set was a reasonable 1430 grams.


Low cost at $1100 for DT Swiss 240 build
36mm depth great do-it-all rim
20/24 DT Swiss competition build with alloy nipples
Custom built to customer specifications


17mm inner rim width on narrow side.
Slight flex noticeable in tight, sweeping fast turns
QR's not included

RoadBikeReview's Take

When Pub decided to get into the already crowded (and very competitive) wheel market, they did so for a singular reason, saying, "We've experienced how the right wheelset can bring a bike to life and change the ride completely." They also understand that buying an aftermarket carbon wheelset can be complicated, intimidating, and expensive. Thus, Pub set out to help consumers navigate two distinct problems: price and finding the right wheel for the rider and type of riding.

Pub 36 tubeless wheels review

The finish on the brake track is smooth, almost polished looking.​

Carbon wheels for any bike can mean a hefty chunk of change, but Pub is taking steps to make carbon performance more affordable, with two options (thus far) in their road wheel line: a 36mm all-around options that leans more to the climber and all-arounder, and a 50mm depth that is at home on the crit course and flat races. Both wheelsets are available in a disc/thru-axle models, and are tubeless compatible. And all Pub wheelsets are hand assembled in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Out of the box, Pub wheels are as sleek and refined as any high-end carbon wheels I've ridden. The wheels ship taped with Stan's tubeless tape, and come in a padded double wheel bag with carbon brake pads, tubeless valves, and Orange Seal Endurance. Build and overall construction of the wheels are top-notch, with rim and nipple interfaces lubed and spoke heads seated flush. The rim profile is aerodynamic, while the 36mm depth keeps weight low.

Pub 36 tubeless wheels review

The DT Swiss 240 hubs are buttery smooth, lending legitimacy and dependability to the build.​

Our test set with DT Swiss 240 hubs weighed 1430 grams sans tubeless valves. The DT hubs are buttery smooth, lending legitimacy and dependability to the build, and the finish on the brake track is smooth, almost polished. There is no real decline in braking performance, though, I recommend switching from stock pads to SwissStop Yellow for foul weather and better overall modulation.

For this test, I choose to mount a pair of Ere Research Pontus wet performance tires to match the rainy weather, as well as check tubeless setup. I've had success with the Ere Research tires on other wheelsets, and after install of both tire and sealant, the Pontus inflated without a problem using only a floor pump. The profile of the 26mm tire is narrower than on the Pub wheels than other sets, mostly due to the 17mm internal width.

Pub 36 tubeless wheels review

The 17mm inner rim width on the Pub 36 wheels mean these 26mm tires set-up narrower than on other wheels we've tested them on.​

Performance wise, the Pub wheels spin up quickly and maintain speed on the flats very similar to other ~30mm wheels we've tested. The wheels are not abrasively rigid, but did stiffen up the bike compared to the alloy wheelset they replaced. I enjoyed riding the Pubs on all manner of road surfaces, including cobbled sections. The low tubeless pressures and beefy tire bead inspire confidence and smooth pedaling. In steep, sweeping turns and sharp switchbacks, some flex is noticeable, but nothing that hinders performance.

After 1000-plus road and gravel miles, I threw each wheel in the truing stand just to check. The wheels are as true as the day they shipped (which is to say, very true), and the hubs continue to retain their buttery smoothness.

Bottom line, I highly recommend the Pub 36mm tubeless road wheelset for any rider looking for carbon performance on an alloy budget. They perform just as well as far more expensive options and come with a 5-year warranty.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Price: $1100
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