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First off sorry if I am long winded just trying to organize all my info and opinions to better help myself decide. And would like your guy's opinions as well. Hopefully all I have written and your responses may help other potential shoppers as well.

Hi guys buying my first ever new road bike and am really excited. Currently am riding a old 60$ steel bike I picked up at a police auction a couple years back that is too small and in terrible condition. So any bike is a huge upgrade!!

Anyways I am wanting to stick around $2000 but would obviously say cheaper the better if it gives me everything I want. My store has a couple last years models on sale so I'm trying to stick with those for a better bang for my buck. Been test riding a lot of bikes and have narrowed it down to 3 options.

2016 Giant Defy Advance 3 $1699
2016 Giant Defy Advance 2 $1899
2015 Giant TCR Advance 2 $1529

So first off all of these bikes felt amazing to me. The stiffness and the lightness of the carbon frame made it feel like a rocket and I absolutely loved having integrated shifting finally!! I'm interested in going fast and usually won't be going on crazy long rides but they are something I like to do occasionally and would like to do more frequently maybe in the future.

TCR Advance 2
The people at the store were worried about TCR being uncomfortable over long periods as it is a really aggressive geometry. I took it out for about a 2 hour ride and didn't have any pain from being bent over (I am only 18 and fairly flexible though so that may have something to do with it however), I did however have a very sore bottom but I think that is just cause it was my 3rd bike to try that day and had already been riding for hours. I realty felt every single bump in the road with this bike however so this may be a contributing factor to the discomfort. Hoping to ride it first tomorrow so I will have a better idea if it really is a harsh ride or if I was just getting tired.

Pros: extremely nimble,
accelerated awesome
loved the shinamo 105 everything
Comes in a good ways under my budget

Cons: really sore butt, not sure if it was the bad saddle, the ultra stiff harsh ride or maybe just me being tired

Defy Advance 3
This was the first bike that I had rode so it was very comfortable. I really like the fact that it had disk brakes on it. I plan to be riding my bike as much as possible wet or dry conditions so like the reliability of the disk brakes (correct me if I'm wrong). I didn't notice too much of a weight difference from them (anything is better than my current setup) it did feel heavier than the TCR but that may be the 105 that the TCR had playing a factor as well. I did like the shifting but when I got on the TCR and tried it out I decided I like the shinamo 105 a lot better than the lower end (starts with an "I" I think) setup on the defy.

Pros: Disk Brakes
Felt comfortable (was my first ride of the morning however)

Cons: no shinamo 105.

Defy Advance 2
I never got a chance to ride this bike today as they didn't have it built when I was there and I ran out of time but I will be riding it tomorrow. Main reason I am looking at it is cause it comes with the shinamo 105 all around and has the disk brakes the TCR is lacking. Should feel identical to the Advance 3 geometry wise I imagine.

In summary I'm essentially deciding between the geometry of the TCR vs Defy cause if I choose the Defy I am pretty sure it's worth dishing out the extra $200 for the 105 setup. I don't mind the bent over aero geometry of the TCR at all. My main concern is the feedback I will be getting from rougher roads. If I go for an all day ride with a TCR will I regret it and wish I had chosen a more forgiving Defy instead?

If I can't handle the rough ride of the TCR but still want that aero geometry would putting a different stem on the defy give me the same ride setup but with a smoother ride?

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