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quarq tyrewiz .. sks airspy

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anyone have experience with either of these tpms sensors ?

do they work reliably, last long ?

considering the airspy since tyrewiz is more pricey and reviews dont seem that great for the tyrewiz.

presta/road version … bike is wearing 32mm wide tires
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i tried the airspy, but found it is not compatible with ELEMNT computers.
i did some research and learned that the airspy even though it uses ANT+, does not use the standard protocols for tire pressure via ANT+.
more researching along bike lights and i found that some connected lighting will not work with ELEMNT computers either. maybe for the same reasons as with the airspy ?
strange, since garmin supports both/all.
i am going to try out the tyrewiz as well. but i’m not sure that my choice of bike computer brands was a bad one, or if this is how the competition game is played amongst the makers of bluetooth/ant devices for cycling ?

quickly learning that i should do more research beyond just looking for BT and ANT capability for devices I want to buy.
just documenting my experience here for folks’ awareness and future reference …

i have tried both sks airspy and quarq tyrewiz.
they both give instantaneous pressure readings, with these differentiating factors:

sks also outputs the temperature of the air inside the tube, tyrewiz does not

sks does not require you remove the presta valve core, where as tyrewiz does

the sks airspy will not pair with wahoo computers (confirmed), it WILL pair with garmin, but not sure about other brands.

price difference is about 25-30% between the 2, airspy is less expensive.

would have been the go-to option for me but wanted to hang onto the elemnt bolt since i like the head unit design and functions.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts