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Ready to take the plunge and get a TT bike. On a budget, so I've been shopping around on used deals.

Found a great deal on an older bike that is right in my size and price range. Full disclosure, it's a Griffen Vulcan. And it's sweet.

It's one of the first Griffens though, and although it has aero tubes and short wheelbase, it looks like a 74* seat tube angle, before he started making the Vulcans with steeper ST angles. All other measurements would be a good fit for me, but to get the steeper seat tube angle I'm looking for, for that aero position (and I'm pretty flexible with seat to bar drop ratios), my only option seems to be to slide the seat as far forward as possible. Or, if restricted by the seatpost, I'd have to get a seatpost with less or no setback (if I can find one in 25.0).

Is this a bad idea? Seems that as long as the three points of contact (saddle, pads/bars, and BB/pedals) are rotated clockwise to be at the three points desired for the correct TT/aero position, it wouldn't matter too much how far back that seat tube is. But if that was the case, everyone would be converting their 74* road bikes to TT bikes.
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