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tyo said:

I've been looking at getting an older steel frame to use as my general riding road bike. A quick search on the local craigslist and ebay turned up three or so bikes in my size, and I had a few questions about them. How difficult would it be to turn a 1970's Raleigh mk2 frame and fork only (currently $10 + $25 shipping) into more modern-ish machine, as in, put newer components on it?

I did some research, mostly Sheldon Brown, but I've never had much experience with headsets and the bottom bracket/cranks, so compatibility is confusing for me. However, I am mechanically inclined and willing to work to fix up a nicer old bike.

Or is it better to forget all that and grab a more expensive, but complete and ridable Raleigh Gran Prix ($100-$150)?
depends how modern you want to go-70's bikes would require the rear be spread for modern wheels and cassettes, as Richard said you might have to do some digging to find compatible parts. If you buy an original grand prix, it will be quite heavy even by older steel standards. The wheels were steel, the grand prix was a mid to low end raleigh, my neighbor has about a 60cm all original if you ride that big he might be interested in selling it. If you arent determined to get 70's vintage i would recommend going 80's, parts are easier to find IMO. If you are limited to $150, it would certainly be a beater in terms of paint, but sometimes you can find them
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