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Hi -

I have a pair of King hubs in 32/32 I'm looking to build up into a wheelset. I'm a recreational rider, don't race, and tip the scales at 200 pounds, though that is decreasing somewhat rapidly.

Aero isn't a huge concern of mine, as, well - I'm not terribly aerodynamic, and the gains seem so minuscule as to not be noticed when I'm out riding for fun or commuting. That being said, a gain is a gain, and it's not like I'm going to notice 15 grams either. I like light weight, more because it's light rather than I need terribly light weight gear - I'm not a weight weenie, but see no point in overbuilding something.

My current main wheelset is DT240s in 32/32 with aerolite spokes and rr415 rims. I like them. A lot. These are going to stay on my cross bike, the new wheels will be for my (new :) ) road bike.

My thinking is that with 32/32, I could put a 270 in the rear and a 200 in the front and not worry about durability. However, I'm not terribly hard on wheels, and the 415g DT Swiss rim has served me well. Could I get away with a 200 in the rear? Would I be better off with a lower spoke count and a deeper rim? I typically like the idea of a higher spoke count, but again, there's no point in overbuilding something, and I'd like to defer to those more knowledgeable than I. Should I just stick with the DT Swiss rim that has served me well? How much stiffer is the 270 going to be than the 200?

Also, about spoke choice - I have read that a larger diameter spoke, simply due to mass, will be stiffer than a smaller diameter spoke. If I put DT Competition on the drive side rear and Revolution everywhere else, would revolution/200 on the front build me a flexy wheel? How much should rim choice affect my spoke choice?

Also, I'm perfectly fine selling the King hubs I've got and looking at something different - though they do make great gear, and match my new frame fantastically :)

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