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I recently got a raleigh record that i converted into a single speed (using spacers oon a freehub) that i am now going to go fixie. The one probelm though is the cranks at the moment feel like there braking (lots of noises coming from the cranks). I want to upgrade to cotterless cranks anyways, and reading up on the ways to do this i think i'm going the un72/phil rout. I know on Shelden's web site he mentions alot about raleigh 3 speeds, but i wanted to make sure this works before dropping the money on the super expensive cups.

So does the UN72/phil rings work on this bike? I already have the bottom braket but just want to double check before spending $40 on cups (especially if i try it and find it doesn't work).

On another note two, do you NEED to but philwood tools. I know for instance on a campy cassete that was supposed to take only a certain campy BB tool, a different one worked as well (Park FR-1 worked in addition to Park BBT-5). Is there any way to spending more money on phil tools as well? Thanks for and answers.
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