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GeoCyclist said:
I am curious if alternating between a Road bike and Recumbent bike will affect your Road bike cycling form? Do any of you race Road bikes, and recreational cycle on a recumbent?
As you probably already know, you do indeed recruit muscle groups in different ways while aboard a 'bent. I don't have any absolute specifics... but in my experience... you can do both... but the amount of time spent on each would be dependent on your own abilites and needs along with the specific "type" of recumbent (the term "recumbent is very generic... so if you're in the market, you'll need to explore which type suits your needs best).

Many folks banter around the idea of needing about 1500 miles to develop "recumbent legs"... and for me, that was a fair estimate (about 70/30 recumbent riding during my first season aboard). This may be more a matter of technique and muscle memory... since climbing and sprinting (yes, you can sprint aboard a 'bent... you just won't win (against an upright... under "normal" conditions)) require a different tack.

About the only racing I do are time trials... but I do go on "competitive" training rides from time to time... and find the transition relatively easy (again, depending on the 'bent/upright mix).

For me... a recumbent is kind of a necessity... due to health problems.... I need and use the 'bent as a cross training platform.
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