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Hi there --

I tried both the R3 and the SLC today. They are both great bikes. Since I already have a Specialized Roubaix (that I plan to keep for now), I decided to get the SLC. It better complements my Roubaix. I'm not saying that the R3 is like the roubaix, but it's more similar to it than the SLC. I didn't notice the weight 150g weight difference on my climbs. The SLC felt a little harsher to ride, but it felt faster.

I've heard that the SLC aero features really kick in after 20mph. But it just felt faster even at lower speeds. Is that your experience too?

Tires: Why does the SLC come with 25 tires instead of 23? I've not been on 25 tires? Is that because it's a harsher rides? Can I put 23 on them? Does it make it less comfortable?

Gears: I have a triple on my roubaix and need the lower gears for 15%+ climbs. I do enjoy going on long climbs (i.e. Mt Hamilton at 4.3K ft). And the lower gears help me at the end. But the SLC is so fast that I don't want to give up the 53x11. The bike shop suggested that I can put a SRAM 11-26 in the back. Is it ok to mix and match shimano DA with SRAM?

thank you
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