Why You Want: It's a 300 lumen taillight! You want one of the brightest taillights available? This is it. Extremely bright in the dark, this light is also more than capable of being used during the day to be seen as well.

Pros: The Dinotte 300R is a self contained li-ion powered 300 lumen taillight. There are three steady modes and three flash modes to ensure you're seen, day or night.

Cons: Price. 300 lumens doesn't come cheap.

RoadBikeReview Take: Appealing most to those living in areas with stormy, severe, and rough weather, the Dinotte 300R ensures you're seen while you're out there riding in inclement weather. The package comes with a 300 lumen taillight with a self contained rechargeable li-ion battery that is rated to give you 4 hours of riding time on it's brightest setting. Several mounts are included, so you should be able to find one that will work well with your bike. There is a quick release system, so you can easily take the light with you to recharge. Recharging is done with a micro-usb cable that is included, though the actual usb power brick is not. If you're looking for the brightest taillight available, you've found it here.

Price: $199

More Info: store.dinottelighting.com

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