Why You Want: You ride solo a lot and the occasional midride stop into a café or shop to refill your bottle requires you step away from your bike for short amounts of time.

Pros: The Milkman fits perfectly into a jersey pocket, so it's likely you'll carry it with you on most rides. Polycarbonate housing hides a three-foot long retractable, braided steel cable that works well as a deterrent.

Cons: This is not a lock we'd recommend using for any extended amount of time, i.e anything over 15 minutes. It's meant to keep crimes of opportunity from happening, but it won't stop a determined thief.

RoadBikeReview Take: The Milkman is a deterrent lock that weighs just 110 grams and is designed to fit in the rear pocket of your jersey. A retractable three-foot braided steel cable is housed in the Milkmans injection moulded polycarbonate case and makes locking up your bike a snap. The case has a slight curve to it, which we found fits snugly against your back when carried in a rear jersey pocket.

We've had this little guy in for testing for a few months now, and it goes with us on all our solo rides. Its diminutive size makes it's a no brainer to take along for the ride. For the quick nature break, or to pop into a shop for a snack or bottle refill, the Milkman works perfectly to deter would be thieves from just hoping on and riding off with our bike.

Knog doesn't recommend using the Milkman for lengthy unattended amounts of time, but for the few minutes to deter crimes of opportunity, and peace of mind, it works.

Price: $25 (available in 4 colors)

More Info: knog.com.au