Why you want: You get bothered by tight temple arms and would rather not have the arms of your sunglasses sitting on your ears and interfering with your helmet.

Pros: Short arms with embedded magnets is a clever new way to attach eyewear to helmet straps. Lack of arms alleviates any discomfort from tight temple arms or interference with your helmet. Magentos come with three lenses (Smoke/Brown, yellow, and clear), photochromatic lenses are also available.

Cons: If you find yourself wearing your sunglasses after the ride while enjoying a quick bite or sipping on that latte, you'll have to keep your helmet on.

RoadBikeReview Take: Lazer entered the eyewear scene shortly after many companies abandoned it, but after using their crown jewel the Magento, we understand why. Lazer have come up with a clever and unique way of attaching their Magneto sport shield lens to your helmet with the use of magnets. Two embedded magnets on either side of the Magneto's short arms attach to strap clips found on their Helium helmet. Originally the attachment point was sewn onto the straps and left very little in the way of adjustment, but since the original design, Lazer have refined the attachment point with removable clips. The clips could be retrofitted to any of Lazer's other helmets, or any helmet in general for that matter.

Setting them up is as easy as lining up the clips onto your straps and making fine adjustments in a mirror. Once it's set, it's set and you don't have to worry about it again. Clipping the Magneto onto the strap is fairly easy, the magenets are plenty strong, as soon as they two pieces come close they instantly attach (think apple's ipad smart cover). On road tests, once the Magnetos were on, we completely forgot about them. The only contact point is really only the nosepiece, which is made of a rubber that increases grip as you sweat more. There was never a moment where we felt the Magnetos would come loose or were slipping. The only time we really thought about the glasses honestly, was when we realized there was nothing resting on our ears, but that thought faded quickly though.

Lazer includes three lenses in with the Magnetos, a smoke lense, yellow, and clear. The lenses are quickly interchangeable and Lazer even includes full length arms to allow you to wear the Magentos off the bike if you wish. The lenses do cover a good amount of area so these are best suited for people with medium to large noggins.

Price: $100 with standard three lens set, $120 with photochromatic lens.

Chris from Lazer Sport demonstrates the Magnetos:
[youtube width="600" height="361"]httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16_1U9Rj380

For more information on Lazer Eyewear check out their website here.