Why You Want: You're looking for lights that you can mount and forget. Stealthy lights that disappear into your bike, until you find yourself roaming the dark streets, and then they're there to get you where you need to go

Pros: Small and affordable 15 lumen headlight that comes in headlight and taillight colors (taillights are 7 lumens).

Cons: Lights make use of disposable CR2032 watch batteries, kinda of a pain to find and replace.]

RoadBikeReview Take: Sometimes all you need is some simple lights to comply with the law when you're caught out in the dark. The Lezyne Femto fits the bill perfectly. The claimed 15 lumens per light was a little high, we tested it and found only 10 lumens. The lights were still plenty visible, but this is strictly a to be seen light. We wouldn't recommend any dark excursions. Lights are rated to run for 30 hours on solid steady, of 60 hours on flash. Both headlight and taillight are available in 4 colors,

Price: $15

More Info: www.lezyne.com

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