Why You Want: You're looking for a little bit of versatility in your light. You want a well-built light with a CREE LED emitter and USB rechargeable all in one package that works well as a commuter and can double as a helmet light off road as well.

Pros: Well constructed CNC housing that holds a Cree LED that emits a claimed 300 lumens of light. Internal Li-Ion battery, makes recharging easy with a simply USB cable. No hassling with power cables and separate battery pack keeps the light at a very respectable 94 grams.

Cons: Beam pattern is less flood and more spot - as a handle bar light, we'd like to see more of a flood pattern. Also, the circuit board and electronics are exposed when the user has to remove the rear cap to access the USB charging.

RoadBikeReview Take: The Lezyne Macro Drive front light is easy to recommend for someone looking for a commuter light. It's 300 claimed lumens is enough to tackle most any commuter with street lights or without. The narrow spot beam of the light does making riding in complete darkness is a little harrowing, but can be done safely.

The light operates in five modes - high, medium, low, and two flashing modes. The CNC housing provides small cutout on the rim of the light that provides adequate side visibility for commuters to be seem. The price point, small form factor, and ease of use also make the relatively lightweight light quite attractive.

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Price: $70

Website: www.lezyne.com

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