Why You Want: You're looking for a small, affordable, and capable light to "get you home" on your commutes.

Pros: Much like all things Lezyne, the Micro Drive lights are well engineered. The Micro Drive (front) features a claimed 150 lumen output, in a compact CNC'd aluminum housing. The Micro Drive (rear) shares the same housing, but at only 70 lumens. A non-removable li-ion battery is included and is easily recharged with an integrated USB stick. A composite matrix cap and O-ring seal the housing to ensure the Micro Drive is highly water resistant conforming to FL-1 standards.

Cons: The compactness of the Micro is it's main attraction, it's also the reason you'll have to keep an eye on the battery level of the light. The smaller li-ion battery found in the Micro will last only 2 hours on high. Good enough for a long commute to work.

RoadBikeReview Take: The Lezyne Micro Drive is a smaller compact version of the Macro Drive. At half the size, it's also half the lumens at 150 claimed lumens. That should suffice for most commuters, even the ones that have to travel on unlit roads as part of their commutes. It mounts easily into a cradle that holds it secure to the handlebar. The cradle uses a rubber strap to stay in place and is itself easily removable should you want to move the light from bike to bike.

The Micro Drive feature 5 settings, blast (high), enduro (medium), economy (low), and two flash options. On high you'll get a good 2 hours, so it'll be a good idea to keep an eye on battery level. Which is easy enough to do, by touching the power button which will reveal a color indicator to show the battery level.

The CNC aluminum housing also features a cutout on the rim of the light to reveal light to the sides, though it's not enough to illuminate anything, it's enough to be seen by motorist.

The integrated USB recharger makes it convenient to charge with no need for cables, but might limit where you can plug it into, since the light will be attached to whatever USB port you use.

Price: $50.00

More Info: www.lezyne.com

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