Why You Want: The ultimate commuter crossover light. A light that packs in plenty of punch, refined for the road, but rugged enough to hit the switchbacks too on the way home.

Pros: The Taz is a self contained, dual purpose light that Light & Motion dubs a "Crossover" light. Designed to play double duty as both your urban commuting light, but powerful enough to meet the unique needs of the trail rider. The Taz features a custom designed reflector and lens that optimizes three CREE LEDs. Two spot beams and a wide flood beam that blankets the road in front of you with light. The amber lights on the side of the light provide extra visibility while commuting on the road, but can be turned off if you're on a trail. The attached mount is simple to use, and mounts the light securely to your handlebar without any tools. Claimed output of 1200 lumens is honest.

Cons: Though the light head is well designed to provide quite a nice throw and flood, the head is a little big for a self contained light. This monster of a light can also take quite awhile to charge if you're just plugging it into an existing USB port or lower amp changer, we'd recommend sprining for the 2amp usb wall outlet.

RoadBikeReview Take: The Taz is the ultimate crossover light according to Light & Motion, and we can't argue with that. They've created a light with the beam pattern of a Seca but with the form factor of an Urban self-contained light. The Taz weighs in at just slightly over 200 grams and is easily mounted to your handlebar with an attached tool less mount. Two buttons on top control the 5 different light modes and 2 amber side light settings. The Taz recharges conveniently via a micro usb port found on the underbelly of the light. Charging varies depending on where you plug in the usb cable.

Three CREE LEDs, one to flood the ground in front of you and two throw beams, make a light that has excels at both spread and throw. At a measured 1206 Lumens, this is an extremely bright light weighing in at only 217 grams. It is ideal for bar mount use but is light enough to be used for the helmet. An 800 Lumen version of the Taz is also available.

An attached handlebar mount is easy to use and done with very slick strap that can be tightened based on the rider's preference. The same strap is used for standard and oversized handlebars.

Price: $300

More Info: www.lightandmotion.com

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