Why You Want: An SUV of features, in a compact package.

Pros: Compact one piece unit that houses a rechargeable li-ion battery, rear light, amber side lights, and a built in locking mount clip. The rear taillight is rated at 50 lumens, the system weighs just 100 grams, and is built in the USA.

Cons: Price, $100 is a lot to pay for a taillight.

RoadBikeReview Take: The Vis 180 is an excellent rear taillight, one packed with features not seen on most taillights. The 180 degree visibility thanks to side amber indicators takes safety up a notch compared to traditional blinky lights. Four modes include a steady high beam, high pulse, low pulse, and the roadie friendly paceline mode. Paceline mode eliminates the top pulsing light, but keeps the side indicators on and will run for 20 hours. On high, the light will run for 4 hours, high and low pulse will get about 6 and 12 hours respectively. The locking mount on the Vis 180 makes it easy to snap onto any saddle bag, but the light does come with a rubber mount to attach to your seat post as well. We used the mount on our main bike and just locked it onto our saddle bag on our commute bike, both options seemed solid.

The Vis 180 takes taillights to another level, and for that safety, you do have to shell out quite a bit more. The $100 pill is hard to swallow, but for safety, we'd rather swallow that pill than pain killers after an accident with a motorist any day.

The Vis 180 is available in two different colors: Quartz and Bronze.

Price: $99

More Info: www.lightandmotion.com

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