Why You Want: You've used previous NiteRider's Minewt series of lights, and are looking for a brighter self contained light with output that will not only illuminate the road for you, but will be seen by motorist.

Pros: Great improvements over last year's Minewt 600, actual output of 647 is very close to 650 claimed Lumens. Excellent design and clamp, mount works great, but can be removed and Lumina 650 used as a sweet flashlight. Good value for the money

Cons: Beam pattern has a few artifacts

RoadBikeReview Take: The NiteRider Lumina 650 replaced the outgoing MiNewt 600 from last year. And if you like the 600, you're sure to love the 650 as most aspects were improved. Physically, the 650 is smaller and looks better than the Minewt, with an updated black and silver housing covering the heat sink.

The improvements were not just skin deep, as the light output has also improved. Not just by the 50 claimed Lumens either. Last year we tested the Minewt 600 and it only measured 485 on an integrating sphere while this year, the Lumina 650 measured 647 lumens. A huge improvement and more inline with NiteRider's claimed lumen output.

Mounting is improved with a clamp now that is tightened with a hand lever. This ensures a proper hold on the bar for a more secure fit, needed on some of the more bumpy urban roads. The USB charging port is now moved to the bottom of the light with a better seal as well. This protects it from moisture and the elements much better.

Price: $140

More Info: www.niterider.com

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