Why you want: You're looking to stay hydrated on the bike and you like the idea of separating your carbohydrate intake from your hydration.

Pros: Already the fastest way to get fluid into your body, Osmo has tweaked the electrolyte ratios to speed it up even more. Active hydration mix lacks the side effects of feeling bloated and sloshing that other drinks may have.

Cons: Unlike the majority of drink mixes, Osmo is strictly for hydration. It's not the traditional mix of electrolytes and energy. Use of only the highest quality, natural, and organic ingredients equals a higher price tag.

RoadBikeReview Take: Introduced just last spring, Osmo's line of hydration products is getting a tweak. This month the company is releasing updated products with a slight change to their electrolyte ratios in order to help your body absorb fluid hydration even quicker and more efficiently.

The Science -
Osmo focuses on the importance of osmolality, the namesake of their company. By having Active Hydration at lower osmolality than your body's blood, the body can theoretically absorb the fluid quicker. Osmo's peer reviewed and empirically proven testing shows fluids with osmolality greater than your blood actually inhibit water absorption and hydration potential. Osmo is mainly made up of a proprietary ratio of glucose to sucrose which not only combines to create the ideal osmolality level to achieve faster absorption, the mix also eliminates the bloating and fluid sloshing caused by mixes with higher levels of carbohydrates and calories.

Real World testing -
The decrease in the amount of calories in the Osmo drinks means better hydration as we found out when we got an early sample of the new mix with the new packaging. The mix isn't as heavy as other mixes, which makes for a tasty and refreshing drink. The recommended mix, 2.5 scoops of mix to one 20oz bottle of water, kept the drink light with just a hint of flavor. In our subjective tests, we found ourselves feeling more able and lively on our normal loops. We finished stronger than before with lower levels of fatigue after the ride.

Osmo video:

[youtube width="600" height="361"]httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkyF1s_cE9s

Active Hydration is available in two flavors; Orange seems to be the go to flavor for sports drinks, but blackberry edged it out in taste test here. The mix is flavored with organic freeze dried fruit and a mix of sugar and sodium/potassium. It now comes in a small plastic container which is easier to access than the original zip lock style bags it used to come in.

Price: Active Hydration $20 (40 servings), $1.49 (Individual packets)

More Info: osmonutrition.com