Gert Steegmans did not start the third stage of the Tour de Picardie today, due the fall he suffered yesterday at about 15 kilometers from the finish. Steegmans has gone back to Belgium and this afternoon X-rays taken revealed a fracture to his seventh left rib.

Steegmans will have to take a 3 day rest before he can start training again. His participation in the Tour of Belgium depends on how his injury evolves clinically.

"In a downhill stretch some riders fell on the left, creating a domino effect that also took down riders on the right side of the road" Steegmans says "To avoid one of them I ended up off road, in the middle of a forest, and I couldn't avoid a tree. It could have been worse. Now I'll take it easy for 3 days and then I'll try to get back on a bike. Normally everything should work out in a few days."