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Our local Cervelo LBS just built up an R3-SL with SRAM Red & Zipp 202 tubulars and it's in my size..... argh, #$#$ @@## %$$# @#$ $%#$#.

I'm not buying a new bike until next year. I'm not buying a new bike unitl next year. I'm not buying a new bike until next year.

Is there some sort of support group that I can attend to help with this problem?

Somebody please tell me that Cervelo is coming out with an R3-SLL next year or that they're going to BB30. That would cool my bike buying impulses for a few months.

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Bruce Rodgers said:
I just bought an RS. Absolutely love it. I convinced myself I was helping the environment by reducing my carbon footprint by buying CF. You should also make such an unselfish choice to the help save the environment.
Not to mention that you're sequestering carbon in the frame- win-win :D
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