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RICHARD RUPP: “I will recover.”

Taos, New Mexico
6/11 22:22EST

Your on-the-road RAAM reporter is in a motel room just a few blocks from the Taos, New Mexico time station. I just returned from a very good New Mexico dinner (red chili like something out of my mom’s or aunties kitchen) and received a welcome call from Richard Rupp.

Dick wants everyone to know that he took a bit of a beating, but is basically alright considering how hard he crashed on the descent from Hesperas Mountain just outside of the Durango Time Station yesterday afternoon. “I was going around the corner flying and feeling comfortable, then the wind got me and flipped the front wheel. I tried to correct and then a second gust got me and it was too late to save it. I was going 45 or 50 miles an hour and went into a wobble and went down and broke my fall with my hand. I ground the first and second joints of my left index down to the bone. My face was the other point of contact. I got sort of a major Dermabrasion. I ground my left eyebrow off. My lip is pretty beat up and I broke off a tooth.”

His follow car crew was with him and an ambulance was called immediately, “I was unconscious. I remember the last fleeting moment before the accident. Then I remember hearing voices and someone telling me that I was going to be taken to a hospital. This is something that I can recover from. I just today left the hospital and will go to Denver tomorrow and then will fly back Friday to home in Indianapolis.”

I broke my helmet. That’s a powerful tool to have for the kids that I lecture to about wearing helmets. I want everyone to know that I’ll be okay and I wish everyone else out there a safe and fast journey.”

Thanks for the call, Dick. I’m sure that all of the RAAM community is with me when I say that we wish you a speedy recovery and that we all want to see you back on your bike soon.
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