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After leaving Monument Valley this morning I set the cruise control and maintained an easterly heading, wanting to catch up to the riders ahead. Among those are the two women, Jure Robic and last but not least our age 60+ rider Richard Rupp.

I found him just outside of Cortez where he’d pulled over for a quick nature break. He was ready to roll on so after enjoying a cheery greeting from Rupp (he seems to always be smiling) I jumped into the shotgun position of his follow car and had a chat with crew member and follow car driver for this leg, Tom Hess. “I’ve never seen him downbeat, Hess said, in agreement with my observation of Rupp’s usual state of being. “He’s always positive, ‘can do’ and very patient, easy going. He doesn’t get upset.”

The road rose sharply ahead of us, on its climb to Durango. “I think he’s riding a little slower now,” Hess remarked of the pace of his rider, “I’m not sure of that’s him or the grade—the grade is steeper than it looks. The true measure of a grade is riding it on a bike!”

Rupp has had a good race so far, with no real problems other than the heat back in Arizona, and a pasta meal that didn’t agree with him (the national chain that prepared that meal shall go unmentioned). Nutrition can be a challenge for the retired cardiologist; he’s lactose intolerant so many prepared foods trouble him. He drinks soy milk combinations and Gatorade. He loves McDonalds Cinni-melts.

This morning he got about four hours sleep from midnight to 4am in Kaenta, and shortly after getting going again solo men’s leader Jure Robic passed him (keep in mind that Rupp started a day earlier). “He talked to Dick for just a couple of seconds, Hess said of Robic, “All that Robic was interested in was ‘Where’s Gulewicz.’ I’m sure he didn’t know at that time that Gerhard was out. Then he opened up a gap pretty quickly. His power is evident. He can move that bike!”

There’s still a long way to go. But Rupp is on track for a good finish time. The age 60+ record set last year by David Jones is 234 miles a day. Today Rupp met the 750 mark in Colorado in less than 3 days for a better than 250 mile per day average. That’s quite a mileage goal for anyone, much less someone with an AARP membership. But as his dear spouse Sue said when I met her at the Durango Time Station, “I have to say, he’s always been a goal oriented person.”

In talking with her I could sense that while she’s happy to be along working long hour in support of who she calls “the love of my life,” there are many activities that she would place ahead of RAAM as a way of spending a two week vacation. “I’m happy to work with him to help him attain that goal,” she said. I love him dearly, and I love Colorado! But no. Given my choice of doing anything in the world with him, I think that I’d rather be here in Colorado in the fall with our daughter Sara and our son Jon.” As for her husband, his smile and demeanor suggest he’s right where he wants to me. “Oh definitely, Sue agreed, “This is what he loves to do!”


Here’s what RAAM looks like to a crew member—the dashboard, the riders behind and at this moment, the Colorado scenery.

Mrs. Rupp says there’s no place her husband would rather be. What do you think?

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Nope, alu

Creakyknees said:
I like this guy; he's riding a Bianchi (looks like steel?) and ordinary Ksyriums.
Actually it's aluminum. Still, his ride is fairly straightforward. Nothing too fancy or wacky.
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