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Went to the UVM this weekend with the team. After 5 hours, 1 overheated/brokedown car, we got there. I was feeling ill as I went to bed, and woke up at 3am and started puking. By the time my start rolled around (11am) I was feeling better and decided to race. Circuit race - 3 laps, 1 big hill, i think somewhere around 7.5 miles. I felt really good at the start. Got into my pedals easily this time (practiced it all week) and was off. About 1/2 a mile into it we hit the big hill. At this point I had worked my way up to the front 1/3. The group started to split on the hill so I pushed. As we reached the top I realized i was top 10. A group took off around a turn, and I pushed everything I had. A few minutes later i turn around to realize i am in the breakaway group of 6, with the main pack well behind us. We set up a paceline and start to cruise. I was feeling really good. This race was originally a crit turned circuit, so each of the 3 laps had preems. About 1/4 mile from the end of the first lap I started thinking about making a jump around the next turn ( a sharp 90 degree turn ) and going for a preem (top 3 in this case) Before I can do that my stomach knots up. Like I hit a wall. My vision goes double. I immeadiatly slow down. Before the main pack passes me im off my bike on the side of the road on my knees puking. The entire field passes me, and I start dry heaving around the time the stragglers pass me. maybe 3 minutes after that my vision gets normal, i hop on my bike, ride back to the staging area and drop out....really upset, but looking forward to the road race the next day.

sundays road race was 3 laps, 10 miles each, fairly hilly, with a 1.5 mile climb up mt. philo to finish it. I am feeling much better and decide to race. I don't get a great warmup in and my legs aren't feeling to hot, and get dropped on the first hill. I quickly bridge back with a group and start working my way up. By the time we hit the end of the first lap I'm 2nd or 3rd row, sitting behind a teammate. Second lap goes by no problem. Third lap starts to speed up, but not much, as everyone is saving something for the climb. (sections of it are over 20%, and it is a constant climb, only leveling off for the final 20 feet) . About 6 miles from the finish the main pack has been cut down to 20 or so riders, with 4 off the front (which apparently had gone when I got dropped back at the start, cause I never saw them go) 1/2 a mile later there is a nasty crash, and the 4 off the front are starting to get closer and closer. Shortly thereafter I get the same feeeling in my stomach. My vision doesn't go, but I slow down, and puke (still on the bike). By the time I'm done the pack has lost me and I can't see anyone. Shortly thereafter the rider who crashed comes blazing past me, and I make a futile attempt to grab his wheel. Knowing I have less than 4 miles to go I decide to finish out the race (after all driving this far to not finish 2 races would have been bad). I ride the last few miles all by myself, finish relatively strong, only 5 minutes off the leaders, 3 minutes off of what is left of the lead group. I finished 24th overall.

All in all it was disapointing weekend. I did finish better than last weekend, but could have done better. I was in great positions both days untill I got sick. I didn;t get sick from working to hard, and I ate right. I think I have a cold or stomach bug. regardless, im stoked for next weekend.
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