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djwright said:
This past August I had the pleasure of driving down to Church Street, not know what the GMSR even was, and realizing what all was happening. I had previously went to UVM for a semester, but transferred for to pursue photography at RIT. I went up for the wknd to visit some friends and ...

Zip Zip (pause) Zip Zip (pause) .. ((thinks)) .. a bike crit! I parked my car illegally as fast as I could, grabbed my camera (Nikon Coolpix 5000), and managed to wiggle under some barriers to get these photos. One of the race helpers was kind enough to let me get under the ropes that barricade the race, and squat down on a corner to get the up-close ones; a little closer than I wanted .. the racers were coming about 1-2 ft from my head. I wish they were a little more clear, but they were soaring by and P+S digitals aren't great.

Six months or so late, but I figured you'd enjoy them regardless.

Thanks for the report( even if it is a bit tardy). Those pics of downtown Burlington sure bring back some memories from my time at UVM... It's a great place for a bike race - and the rest of Vermont has some incredible riding, too!
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