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Raced my first race this weekend. I am definately hooked.....
Saturday - Didn't ride in the team time trial as I crashed thus. riding with them and a few other guys really wanted to do it. That was fine with me. The team took 4th (of like 15 or so) even with one of the four crashing with in a mile of the start.

30 mile road race. 42 out of 80-something. One of my teammates took 7th. (mens D). I met my goal of finishing the race. I stuck with the pack for about 20-21 miles which was a really cool experience. I got dropped (with a bunch of others) in a 3/4 mile hill. A chase pack formed and we re-caught the main pack around mile 24. I fell off again at another hill (this one only 1/2 a mile) at mile 25. At that point I could only see one other person. We sat up, drank some water, and took turns leading untill we met a group of 5, with which we formed a paceline. Eventually me and the other kid I had been worth earlier dropped the 5. At that point we were 1-2 miles from the finish, so we agreed to ride the rest together and took turns in front, talking pleasently most of the ride at a slower pace. The finish was one final beastly 1/2 mile hill, and we finished next to each other (I didn't have it in me to sprint, and I don't think he did). In the results he came in in front of me. It was a good experience, slightly frustruating to be dropped by the pack within 5 miles of the finish, but it was my first race. At one point my teammate (who took 7th) and I were both in the 2nd or 3rd row of the pack which was really cool. I also beat two more experienced teammates of mine by about 10 minutes.

Sunday - 18 lap crit (1km course, 6 turns, 2 hills). 43 of 60 something. Only team member in the race. I got to the line late, missed my pedals a few times, and was really out of it before the first turn. That said, I hung onto the back of the first chase pack for 2 laps, before my legs decided they were done. I dropped back, found 4 other guys, and rode a paceline 8 more laps untill we were pulled. My legs didn't have it which was a dissapoitment, as I feel like I could be a better crit racer (im a better sprinter/short climber than endurance rider at this point). I'm really looking forward to next weekend's crit which is before the road race.

On the bright side, all this lifetime mileage on a bike passed 200 miles (210.5 to be exact). For that much lifetime mileage, I think my results were decent.

And I am definately hooked.
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