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Thought it might be fun and useful to list what races you plan on doing this year, what Catagory you are racing under and your clubs name and location. This may be helpful for those looking for fellow racers or interesting races and clubs in their area.

Here are mine: I am a Cat 5 racing for the Charlottesville Racing Club (CRC) based out of Charlottesville VA.

Here are the races I am planning on hitting this year (so far):

March 28 The Jefferson Cup Road Race
May 1 The Wintergreen Uphill Time Trial (brutal!)
June 26 The Quantico Road Race
July 10 The Noel Wick Grand Prix
July 18 The Commonwealth Games
August 29 Contes State Time Trial

I will add a few crits for training as well.

What about you?

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my race agenda...

Im a five up to four (awaiting) and ride for KCOI Racing in the Kansas City Area. I am looking to race upwards of 20 races this year, however have placed my primary focus on a few races:

Tour of Kansas City
Columbia Cup
KCOI Stage Race


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Ready to go!

Club: Ottawa Bicycle Club

Races: All local races (OBC Grand Prix, etc.)
but my big plans are around: Classique de Montreal-Quebec (230km), Green Mountain Stage Race, Multilazer Classic.

Training races: Seenite criterium series

License: Senior 3

Goals: Organize a racing team from members within the club I'm riding with, find some sponsors, and have alot of fun.

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I'm a 5 (racing age 38), riding unattached, and this will be my first full season racing. I did a few practice crits and one real road race last year.

I live in St. Louis, and my plan is to make all the local road races and at least some of the crits, plus race the B and C race as many Tuesday nights as possible at the Carondelet Park practice crits. Much of this will depend on my kids' Spring sports schedules, which aren't out yet. Out of town, but nearby, races I'm planning on are Froze Toes (Columbia, MO), Hillsboro-Roubaix (Hillsboro, IL), and the MO State RR (Clarksville, MO). I will probably skip Columbia Cup and the Springfield, MO races. There are a couple of Springfield, IL area races I may do, too.

Should be interesting and educational. Now if all this ice would go away so I could get back to bike commuting...

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Skylands Cycling Club in Jersey...

I too am a first year Cat. 3 I currently have a list of all the NJ races and I've highlighted the ones that interest me.

Some include:
-the Tour of Somerville
-July 4th Classic
-Firecracker Crit
-Hopewell RR
-State Crit and RR Champs

Some that I'm looking forward to include:
-Altoona, PA Stage Race (Anyone got info on that one?)
-Green Mtn. Stage Race (Carbon110, I'll be asking you some questions as this gets closer)

I also do all the races in the NJ MTB series. I've got a full schedule ahead.

First race is the end of the month. Branchbrook Park - Newark, NJ Training Series.

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37 here. I've always kept my team, etc. out of the discussion.

I'm obligated to do at least 15 for my team this year, no problem. I'll probably do more like 25 or 30.

Some targets are:

Manhattan Beach GP
CBR series
Ontario series

I've already done my first RR of the year.

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Also my first full season as a 3:

I'll be doing a lot of races, probably 50+, but most are for training and there are only a few I'll focus on.

-Jr. Nationals in Park City (UT)
-All the NORBA NCS MTB races
-Joe Martin stage race (AR)
-McMinville (if it's not the same weekend at Joe Martin) (TN)
-Gateway Cup (STL)

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Coolhand said:
Thought it might be fun and useful to list what races you plan on doing this year, what Catagory you are racing under and your clubs name and location.
Cat: Senior Women 3 / 35+ I'm an old chick, so I have the option of getting my ass handed to me by Mari Holden & friends in the Elite / Open field, or racing in the 35+ women's field, who generally are combined with the Cat 4 gals. Depending on the race, the course and my personal need for suffering, I'll choose my battles. I eked out a couple top-10s in the Elite last year, so I'm shooting for more of those this year.

Club: Boulder Women's Cycling Team

Races I plan on doing this year: One can race 3-4x per week on the Front Range basically April through September. For those interested, a full calendar listing may be found here: High points for me include:

- Boulder Roubaix road race on 10th April.
- City Park Criterium on 6th June
- Hugo RR on 19th June
- Mt. Evans Hillclimb on 24th July
- Bannock Criterium on 8th August
- Estes Park Stage Race, 26-29th August​

Cheers all,


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Masters 40+

Also rode Cat 5 last year. I will probably switch to Cat 4 this year but since the races are small around here (IOWA), Cat 4 vs. 5 is not a big deal. All Cats ride together in many of the races or there is an A group and a B group. Cat 4 & 5 and Women are in the B. Cat 1, 2, 3 and masters are in A. This gives me a choice of racing Masters with the Cat 1 / 2 / 3 guys (and struggling to hang on) or Racing Cat4/5 and actually placing.

I learn more racing maasters but it's fun to lead and place once in awhile.

In a couple of years I can go Masters 50+ (it's a very small group around here).

I will race maybe 10-15 times. I don't plan too far ahead since my family life dictates what races I can make. Not in a team since I don't like structure. I get a sense of freedom riding the bike so last thing I want is to ruin it with structure.

Some early season races I would like to attend:
Kent Park
Old Capitol Crit & road race
Wapalo - Burlington road race, maybe one of the crits in that area also (I'll stay away from snake Alley)
a few Tuesday Nights at the Oval
a few small local races

I'm not too focused on structured training and schedules ( I do put a lot of hours on the bike). I just go out and race to have fun. Being an old fart, times for dreams of pro cycling ar long gone.

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Cat. 3 Here. First year Master. I race Super Sport against the guys locally in the state mountain bike circuit and Sport when I do NCS and AMBC races.

I race for two teams, one a local shop (mostly road) and one a nationally known women's team (mostly mountain bike).

Races: At least 5-6 Southern AMBC races including Chickasaw Trace (TN), Knob Scorcher (NC), Ducktown (TN), Dauset/Jackson (GA), Bump N Grind (AL), and assorted local mtb races. I will also go to the Snowshow NCS race and maybe the National Championships in Sept.
Road: NCS Races: Historic Roswell Crit in support of our Elite riders, Fitchburg (maybe), Brooks (GA), GA State TT Championships, Charlotte Crit Series (NC), and a few others to prepare for mountain bike races and support my team's Elite riders.

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Oregon cat4

Age: 40 M
Cat: 4 (2nd year racing)
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Team: Paul's Bicycle Way of Life

Cherry Pie
Banana Belt series (3)
Piece of Cake
Mudslinger (mtb)
King's Valley
Eugene TT series (4)
Eugene Hill climb TT series (4)
Team TT Championships
Oregon Road Championships
Eugene Twilight Crit series (June - Aug)
Cascade Cream Puff (mtb)
Eugene Celebration
Paul's Twilight Cyclocross series (Sept)

This year will probably be my biggest committment to cycling. I started racing last year as a way to accelerate my overall cycling conditioning and physical adaptation in an attempt to get up to speed with the guys that have been doing it for years. My favorite rides are the epic group training rides (mtb & road). Spending the day on a bike exploring the country with friends is the perfect day. The races are just training for those perfect days.

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ABR events - very laid back. Both are well done. I'm a Cat4 (no 5 in ABR) and I did the 50+ last year. 10 and 13 mile laps. 4 laps for 50+. Pretty good asphalt, 2 RR tracks, some short real rough sections and gravel on the corners. We also had a dog run through the middle of the pack. There are a few hills, but nothing big. Team Mack was out in force and I expect them to be even more of a force this year. Here's my report[email protected]@.efcb916/0

Two riders from over your way attacked the 50+ and finished by themselves at Athens.

Also, they are NOT on the ABR schedule as of today???


Vindicator said:
Those'd be the ones. Have you raced them before? Any details about course, field, organization, etc.?

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Club: PAA-Merrill Lynch HT 5'7" In form WT 135
Cat. 4 (2nd season) Age 31
Crit bike set up: '03 CAAD7 52 cm PAA team issue frame w/ full DA 9's. Deda blackstick/ssm saddle, ritchey wcs stem, easton ec-90 carbon bar, zipp 530 wrapped w/ vittoria evo KS, Look A5.1.

RR bike set up: '02 Colnago C-40 b-stay w/ full DA,9's ITM Millenium finishing kit, Ksyrium SL w/ Mich Pro Race.

2/22 Ontario Crit#1
2/28 Tour of Temecula RR
3/06 N. Fontana RR series
3/14 LA Circuit
3/18-21 Pomona Valley Stage Race
4/11 Ontario Spring Crit
4/17 N. Fontana RR series
4/25 Chuck Pontius Memorial Crit
5/02 San Luis Rey RR
5/14-16 Vuelta a Valencia
5/23 Ontario Crit #2
5/31 Wings Memorial Race Day Crit
6/06 Ontario Masters Crit
6/12 San Fernando Crit
6/13 Glendale Crit
6/20 Dominguez Hills Crit
7/11 Ontarion Crit #3
8/01 Velo Allegro UPS Crit
8/15 Manhattan Beach GP
8/22 La Mirada GP
9/06 Labor Day Crit

Give or take a few due to unforeseen events.---DA of PAA

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My Schedule

Age: 28M
Cat: 5 for my first 6 racecs, then Cat. 4 for the rest of the year
Location: Los Angeles, Ca
Club: Budget Pro Bicycles


2/08 Valentine's Day Crit - I did ok, could have done better if I wasn't stuck behind the guy that flatted on the last lap.
2/15 Dominguez Hills Crit 1
2/22 Ontario Crit
3/14 LA Circuit Race
3/21 Dominguez Hills Crit 2
3/27 HomeDepot Center Crit

Upgrade to Cat 4

4/04 Torrance Crit
4/11 Ontario Crit 2
4/18 Dominguez Hills Crit 3

Wow... forget it, there's to much to list - I want to race every Sunday, that is my Goal!
From Feb. to Sept. I just want to gain experience and learn.

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Cat 4 here

age: 49
cat: 4 (cat 4's race with either the 3's or the 5's, no seperate 5 division in Oregon)
location: Hood River, Oregon
years riding/racing: 2 1/2


<b> Jack Frost TT (20K) </b>Feb. 22: Although sort of early in the year for a TT, this event sets the stage for the rest of my season, and I get to see how I stack up against the
competition. Hope to better my time by 3 minutes from last year.

<b>Banana Belt RR</b> (Feb thru March, 3 races, will pick the one with the best weather!)

<b>Portland International Raceway (PIR) Tues. Crits</b> -- March thru September, goal is top ten in the 4/5's.

<b>Alpenrose Velodrome</b> Want to start track riding/racing this season. Will start with pursuit and hope to be in pack races shortly after. Waiting on track bike from

<b>Mt. Hood Cycling Classic</b>, June: All the stages are within minutes of my house. The 75 mile, 8000 ft. climbing last stage should be a barrel of laughs! Not going to make the same mistake I did last time a race was held in my town: just rode the course, trying go get faster and faster times. By the time the race came, I realized I 'left my best performance on the road, in training'. Much smarter training this time.

Various other TT's, Road Races, maybe mtb. race, some cross thrown in.
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