RacerMate CompuTrainer, Velotron trainer and new Open Source Network for developers to write software for use with the CompuTrainer are featured at Interbike.

Video: RacerMate CompuTrainer, SpinScan software and Open Source Network software applications


Ray David with RacerMate shows us how CompuTrainer sets itself apart from every other trainer with their cycling specific physics and real world strategy and courses.

RacerMate CompuTrainer Interbike 2014 Booth

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The RacerMate CompuTrainer sets it apart from every other trainer as its focus is on cycling specific physics by taking a rider's height and weight and putting that into a rider's profile. This helps to match what it would really feel like if you were riding a real life course. A rider can train on very specific courses and track their strategy data to match exactly what they would see in the real world on the road.

SpinScan pedal analysis software can help fine-tune a rider's performance by showing a rider their Power Split, Average Torque Angle (ATA), and SpinScan numbers/pedaling efficiency.

RacerMate is now letting developers write software for use with their CompuTrainer with the new Open Source Network. One of the software applications is Real Course Video, where a preview of the race course is filmed on race day.

Gallery: CompuTrainer, Velotron, MultiRider and new Open Source Network

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