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@Bent: nicest LHT setup I've seen. Kudos.

The Axiom Journey set is great. My brother's been using them for years for serious touring and never had any problem. I've been using aluminum racks for a few years and never felt the need for expensive cromo (well until I saw Tubus racks... really purdy!).

As anyone here ever experienced problems from an aluminium rack? I always read stories about repairability of a steel rack when you're out in a remote village in Patagonia, but is this really a legitimate concern? I mean, people haul pretty big loads on aluminium racks and they seem to be working well. Could steel racks be (while being very nice, good looking and adding a "little something" to a touring bike) a wee bit overkill in most situation?

Anyway, I'm also shopping for new racks, because of canti brakes clearance issues and I was also wondering about the "need" for steel.


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