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Good news!!!

From Velonews

Saul Raisin is apparently coming out of his medically induced coma, his uncle told the Dalton Daily Citizen.

His mother, Yvonne Raisin, told family members and friends from France that her son is moving all of his extremities and shows no signs of paralysis, according to John Raisin, the cyclist's uncle.

John Raisin said Tuesday that his nephew recognized his parents and answered yes-or-no questions correctly by squeezing their hands.

"He got all the questions right," John Raisin said. "He squeezed once for yes and twice for no. This was his best day yet. We're all very excited."

The 23-year-old Crédit Agricole rider crashed April 4 in the first stage at the Circuit de la Sarthe and subsequently suffered a cerebral edema in a French hospital in Angers. Emergency surgery helped ease pressure on Raisin's brain and stabilized his condition.
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