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looks pretty nice

OK, since no one else has responded, I'll chime in. I don't have any direct experience with that bike but it looks nice. Raleigh generally has had positive reviews in recent years as a line that offers good value. The model you are looking at appears to be the top of their "Cadent" line, with Ultegra and some Dura Ace components. Really more high-end than what most would thing of as an "entry level" bike, but good stuff if it's in your price range and fits you. If you want to save some money it looks like they offer several in the same line with somewhat lower-end parts that probably would work fine for most recreational riders. Also, several other companies offer similar lines of road bikes designed for a little more comfort compared to typical racing designs. You would do well to compare and test ride as many as you can, but if you end up with the Raleigh, it probably would serve you well.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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