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Rally cry goes out, PA Riders

One of my vendors stopped by for a visit today, he knows I ride. He mentioned a blurb he saw on the news about a group of people riding across the country in 33 days in memory of the 33 crew members killed in the 9.11 attack.

I have considered putting together a ride like this on several occassions on a small scale from say Pittsburgh or Greensburg, PA over to Shanksville, PA where flt93 went down. Well it turns out that this group of riders is going to be riding from Wheeling WV to Greensburg PA to Somerset PA and then a loop down to Shanksville and back to Somerset at the end of April, 27-29th is when this will all take place.

I will be jumping into this group, who's gonna ride with us? Info on the ride and route is

It would be great if we had a nice sized turnout for this. PM me if interested.


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