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We had a great family vacation, as usual we travelled with the whole family. Mom and Dad, both kids, two dogs and the rabbit. Used to be really exciting when it was three dogs and two of them were bassets.

Once again, ATP. Great to meet you and thank you so much. Watch your mailbox, a great way to P*ss off your family from up this way is on its way to you. Just take a picture and mail it off, then wait for the reaction. Hope to see you again soon.

What is it with TV weatherpeople? You can pretty much take anything they say, turn it around and assume the opposite. You'll be right as often as them. That said, San Diego has the worst TV weatherpeople in the business, they may as well just listen to the radio then take a guess. Good thing is during our stay the rain all happened at night and it was great in daylight. Did Sea World again and the Wild Animal Park. The Wild Animal Park was great, the kids loved it.

We did some big game hunting at the Carlsbad Factory Outlets ("Company Stores") and I regret to say my wife and two daughters bagged their limits. Not content with that they made me warm a bench at FAshion Valley Mall while thay went in search the elusive and tricky Nordstrom. Sad to say they found that too. The great thing about Nordstrom's in San Francisco is that there is a bar on every floor. The men can just follow along and by the time all seven floors are done the men are sozzled so they don't care anymore. Need more bars in Fashion Valley!!!

Drove up through the 100 mile parking lot (LA) and got over the Grapevine, unreal what speeds the 18 wheelers are doing going down that thing in the dark. I guess they are just as happy as me to finally to be out of the parking lot.

Picking grapefruit off the tree in Bakersfield is pretty cool for a guy from the Arctic.

The Farmer's Market in Chula Vista is great. Street Food, tamales, african, greek, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, oranges ( I love oranges). Love the Cara Cara oranges. Not really brave enough yet for the Blood Oranges but I'll bet they're good.

Petaluma is a great town. Love it every time we go there. Home of Lagunitas Brewery, their Rich Copper Ale is Good.

Down the road the Mt. Tam Ale from Marin Brewing is pretty nice too.

Lombardi's Deli and BBQ in Petaluma is worth a trip for anyone that lives around there. The BBQ chicken with BBQ beans and red skin potato salad - I'm in heaven. I tried to talk them into opening a branch up here ------------ they're thinking it over.

Highway 101 up to Eureka is very pretty. Met a tour bus full of German tourists. They all wanted their picture taken with our travelling zoo, pretty funny. Taking turns holding the rabbit.

Who lives in all the little cabins in the woods along the road? kinda like Deliverance, California Style.

The Redwood trees are unreal.

Clam Beach State Park, tide was out and the wind was blowing so hard you could lean into it.

There is a giant Paul Bunyan and Babe somewhere up along this road, can't remember where but pretty neat.

Even better than Eureka -> Crescent City and more Redwoods. Wide beaches, crashing surf, lots of wind. I love places like that.

Highway 199 over to Grant's Pass - through the Smith River Recreation Area. You have to travel through this at east once in your life, jaw dropping beautiful. As beautiful as anything I have seen, anywhere. Stunning. Go there and see it, you will be glad you did.

Anything in BC, Alaska, the Boreal Forests in Northern Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The forests in Northern Quebec or Vermont. The Utah canyonlands, the dales in Yorkshire, anywhere in Ireland. Smith River is as jaw dropping as any of it. Go there. ride it if you can.

I love the sign outside a lodge on that road " Food - Booze - Snooze" truth in advertising.

How about the town called Wonder, Oregon. 3 buildings and one of them has sign it that says " downtown Wonder".

I'm still trying to figure out the Applegate river outside Grant's Pass - flowing north.....................

Who the heck is Congressman Bob Clausen and what or who did e do to get a highway named after him?? Not even a memorial highway, just a highway ???????????????

Can they really sell that much Redwood Chainsaw carving??????? It's everywhere.

I like Interstate rest stops. You can meet lots of interesting people, just travelling, all with a story or two.

Mitzell's American Kitchens, as good as ever. Roast Turkey Dinners with all the trimmings. Good anytime.

Wasn't sure what to say at the truck stop outside Portland. The gas jockey having noticed my licence plate would not take my VISA card to pay for gas. Told me with a straight face that I had to pay in American Money!!! I just didn't know what to say to that.

Popeye's Chicken and grease. What are you supposed to think when you see a building with two retail outlets in it. Popeye's Chicken and Reclinerland. Without a lie, wish I'd had my camera.

I really tried the customs lady to ask for an itemized statement from my wife and daughters but she wouldn't play along, just smiled and told us to move along. Damn! I'll never really know, but that may be for the best. Of course I was not asked specifically whether I had purchased any vintage bicycles while out of the country and like they always say, just answer the question you're asked. So I did.

Travelling with a 9 week old, growing puppy is a challenge but lots of fun.

A good trip was had by all, planning our next one now. we're thinking New Mexico.

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What a wonderful trip. Driving from British Columbia to San Diego with 4 humans and 3 animals sounds like a huge challenge. I appreciate your random thoughts. Reads like poetry. Thank you for sharing. :)

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eddy said:
What a wonderful trip. Driving from British Columbia to San Diego with 4 humans and 3 animals sounds like a huge challenge. I appreciate your random thoughts. Reads like poetry. Thank you for sharing. :)

Thank you. Poetry - naah.

It really isn't that much of a challenge anymore, we do these trips pretty regularly. We try to get the kids out as much we can to see different places and travel around. That way they gain an appreciation for the world around them, the beauty of it and the people.

The real challenge is put on us by the calendar, with vacation days and spring break days being limited, planning around the calendar and driving hours is where the challenge comes in.

It's also a lot of fun.
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