Rapha Pro Team Saddle

Two years ago Rapha set out to make the best saddles possible. The goal was simple. While their bib shorts were highly regarded, riding pleasure is ultimately governed by your contact points with the bike. Even the most comfortable bib shorts in the world are at the mercy of the saddle upon which they sit. So Rapha examined physiology and riding styles and created a range of saddles specific to the unique characteristics of the rider.

Rapha Pro Team Cut Out Saddle

Rapha saddles are available in two models and two width fittings, with special colorways for RCC members. Choose from a Classic saddle for longer days on the bike or a Pro Team option for a more aggressive, speed-focused riding position.

Rapha Pro Team Saddle

The Pro Team saddle is also available with a center cutout and all saddles come in a narrow (130mm) and standard (145mm) width option. To determine which saddle and bib shorts are best for you, Rapha has developed a fit calculator. Input your waist measurement, weight and style of riding and their calculator will provide you with a recommended saddle option.

Rapha Classic Saddle

Key Features

  • Foam density tuned to rider weight and works as a system with Rapha bib shorts (Pro Team II and Classic II) to achieve the optimal comfort through compression.
  • Two different models intended for different styles of riding. Pro Team for aggressive, hard riding, Classic for comfort over long days of riding.
  • Lightweight carbon construction made in Italy. A balance between comfort, weight and style. One-piece carbon rail runs the entire length of the saddle, provides flex and compliance for a more comfortable platform.
  • Three models (Classic, Pro Team, Pro Team Cutout), each designed with a unique foam density which interfaces with Rapha's Classic or Pro Team Bib Shorts
  • Two sizes in each saddle type: Narrow/135mm (Small/Medium bib shorts) or Wide/145mm (Large/XL bib shorts)
  • Carbon fiber core & rail construction
  • Price: Classic: $250, Pro Team: $395

Claimed Weights

  • Classic Saddle (130mm/Narrow): 179 grams
  • Classic Saddle (145mm/Wide): 197 grams
  • Pro Team Saddle (130mm/Narrow): 144 grams
  • Pro Team Saddle (145/Wide): 159 grams
  • Pro Team Cutout Saddle (130/Narrow): 141 grams
  • Pro Team Cutout Saddle (145mm/Wide): 147 grams

To learn more please visit www.rapha.cc.