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RBR TdF Prediction Results! juno calls podium, LostViking does pretty good.

This is my 11th year to review our predictions. All predictions were placed before start time.We did better than usual.

juno calls all three on the podium.
LostViking calls two of the podiumers, and calls Green, Polka-Dot, Team, and Cavendish as DNF.

Well-played, gentlemen.

Here is how we did:

All Three, Correct Places: no one

All Three, Not Correct Place:
juno: “ I think it will be: Quintana Froome Bardet” ;

First Two, Correct Places: no one

First Correct, One Other Podium Place Correct:
BCSaltchucker: “1Froome 2Contador 3 Quintana” ;
Pjay: “1: Froome 2: Pinot 3: Quintana”

First correct, two other podium, not correct place: no one

First correct, One Other Podium, Not Correct Place:
BacDoc: “1st - Chris Froome 2nd - Nairo Quintana 3rd - Fabio Aru”
LostViking: “1) Froome 2) Quintana 3) Valverde”

First, No Other Podium Place: no one

One Podiumer Other Than First, Correct Place: no one

All three Podium, wrong places: no one

Two Podium-ers, Wrong Places:
gofast2wheeler: “1st place: Quintana 2nd: Froome 3rd: Pinot”
ROAD&DIRT: “1st - Nairo Quintana 2nd - Chris Froome 3rd - Fabio Aru”
n2deep: “1. Nario 2. Chris 3. Alberto”
KoroninK: “1) Quintana 2) Contador 3) Bardet”
il sogno: “1. Quintana 2. Froome 3. Contador”
The Moontrane: “1. Quintana 2. Froome 3. Contador “

One Podium-er, Wrong Place:
PBL450: “1) Quintana 2) Pinot 3) Valverde”

Green, calling Sagan:
Neolithic, BacDoc, JSR, juno, LostViking, ROAD&DIRT, Skewer, PBL450, KoroninK, Pjay, il sogno

Polka-Dot: calling Majka:

White: calling Yates: no one.

Red: calling Sagan:
JSR. Koronink (Somehow, Skewer missed calling anyone for Red.)

Team: calling Movistar:
LostViking, PBL450, il sogno

LostViking: Cavendish

Honorable Mention:

“I predict no one gets caught doping. Because they can't lose any more sponsors.”

KoroninK: “Honorable Mention Valverde”

“Yellow: Sagan
Green: Sagan
Polk a Dot: Sagan”

“Based on today's Suisse results:
not Sagan
Sagan's team”

BCSaltchucker: “Honorable Mention – Porte”

PBL450: “Honorable Mention: Porte”

LostViking: “Honorable Mention: Porte”

juno: “I think the Porte/TGV dynamic will be very interesting to watch!”

brianmcg: Yellow: “Tee Jay just kidding. He's going withdraw after the second mountain stage, or the first day it rains.”

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Thanks PJay!!! Salute to YOU man! Love theses threads! We need to change a forum rule to allow us to rep you as often as we want!
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