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I can't seem to find any consistency what so ever regarding the "Read" icon or the "Unread" icon that appears next to a thread and/or individual posts. Sometimes it shows as unread for maybe half of the posts when in reality I've seen all but one or two of the posts. Sometimes it shows one or two posts as unread when in reality I've read them all. Sometimes it shows as it should with all posts read when I've read them all. The only consistent thing I've found is that if it shows as all posts being read (on the list of threads), then (as near as I can tell) I have in fact read all the posts in that thread.

My machine takes cookies and I've had no other problems with other sites. Is anyone else experiencing this?


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Yeah, we've noticed this a while back, and we just haven't been able to nail it down. The problem is that we can't seem to figure out why it happens. I believe it IS cookie related.

We may have to contact the folks at Vbulletin for this one.

If I can find out anything definite, I'll post back here.

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