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Saturday I put the full CRP 200 together, starting not far from my house and looping north into the piedmont. A little dirt, a few historic sites, a Waffle House for lunch. Looking forward to making it an official permanent. Fun.

Entering Ridgeway.

Near the second control.

The confounded bridge

Second breakfast

A road to nowhere

Unless you count this as somewhere

Just after the hike-a-bike.

This would make an interesting rail trail

Serpentine stone wall on the right. Gonna have to figure out how to get a pic.

Not a ride without a cemetery

Control #3 near the nuclear plant. Desolate.

Accessing the Palmetto trail to cross the Broad River

First lunch

Palmetto trail. Nice. One of the things I built the route around.

Second lunch

Second cemetery

A little climb at mile 90.

Gonna have to work on this pic as well

A PED at Control #4 mile 110 for the final push

And done. Mile 127 and change

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Nice route with gravel, dirt and old wood bridges making for an interesting ride. My first brevet was a cold, wet and windy Spartanburg 200k when I was in Clemson. Do you by chance know if Bethany Davison is still involved in running brevets in SC? A wonderful woman!!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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