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Posting this here from the "Campy" forum.
Just yesterday I discovered a bad crack in the rear "Mavic Open 4CD" rim on my bike. The crack was already starting to pull apart when I found it, which has effectively shut me down for a while. Although I cant fault these rims because they've been true and straight for nearly 10,000 miles, it came at a rather bad time.

My problem is I want to lace the new Ambrosio "Excellence" rims I have to my Campy "Record" 8-speed hubs/cassette I bought off e-bay. The entire group on my bike is Shimano "600" in 8-speed. What kind of shifting issues would I be running into with this combination? Eventually I'll be changing to all Campy "Record" with DT shifters, but this crack in my rim has come about before I could finish acquiring all the parts I need, mainly the Campy rear derailluer. Anyone have any thoughts on this. Would my current IG-90 chain work well with the "Record" 8-speed cassette I got?

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8 speed?

There is no compatibility between campy 8 speed hubs and shimano cassettes. Campy 8 speed cog spacing is also wider at 5.0mm, compared to shimano's 4.8mm. A campy derailleur would not shift properly with shimano indexed shifters.

What I'm saying is that this is not a good candidate for a gradual changeover.

Buying old 8 speed hubs doesn't make much sense to me. The spline pattern is not compatible with newer 9 and 10 speed cassettes. 8 speed was replaced with 9 speed in 1997, so Campy doesn't provide a lot of support for 8 speed anymore. Parts are gettng harder to find. Who wants DT shifters, except folks who are rebuilding collector's bikes?

Check out Branfordbike for good info on compatibility.
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