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I've been using Fortezza Tri Comps 1st in 23's and lately in 25's for a number of years and have been quite happy with them. I don't know how they compare to the Senso All Weather tire, but I've suffered relatively few flats with the TriComps, and they seem to be marketing the all weather tire as better in that regard.
I've never ridden the GP 4 Season so can't compare those either.

By the by, I'm about 185lbs and have been running both the 23's and 25's at about 90/95 rear and about 10lbs less front, with, like I said, very few flats.

As of late though I haven't been riding those bikes much, kinda focusing on my 650b with 42mm Compass tires, and I'm really liking those Compass tires. I can't say how the 700c Compass tires size up against any of the other 700c tires out there, but I do know that the next time that I get tires in that rim size, I'm gonna give them a try.

They don't come in red though. From what I've read the color in the tread interferes with the interface of the tire to the road(traction).
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