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Dinosaur said:
The Regal was Greg LeMonds favorite saddle. Mine should last for many years, no sign of wear. I intended on just trying out a used one to see if it would work and ended up keeping it. But one man's saddle is anothers man's torture rack. I'm sure someone will pop up to say that they had one and hated it.....
I went from a Brooks Professional to the Regal, perforated leather with the big flat rivets. I saw a picture of Lemond with his Murray and the Regal saddle so I figured why not? I rode it for a year and then switched to a Turbomatic which I stayed on for another eight.

I wouldn't say it was a torture rack but at the time some 14 years ago, I decided to change. It's a nice shape and if it fits, probably a great choice. Mine's in Stateside storage but I wouldn't mind trying it again.
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