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Diesel Engine
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I've had 2...

First one was 15 or so years ago, a perforated white one with some sort of cast magnesium rails - they were very large diameter but shaped/profiled to fit in a saddle clamp. It was a great saddle, rode many thousands of miles on it and when I sold the bike in '93 it went with it. Tried a ti-rail Regal a few years ago and it may have been the most uncomfortable saddle I've ever sat on. I rode the "iron maiden" for a few months and finally gave up on it. Now most of my bikes have Flites on them.

One other thing that I noticed with the newer one is that the workmanship was not nearly as good as the old one. That thing was a work of art, the new one seemed cheap to me - leather not adhered well to the underside of the shell, rivets not as nicely polished.

In any case, just goes to prove that you can't believe what anyone says about saddles - even yourself. Only your butt can tell you what is right for it.
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